// sentiment lab – strength in focus.


// Focussing specific domains.

Since sentiment lab focusses on certain domains, it provides precise data and verified statements. sentiment lab only processes sources that are highly relevant to a certain topic or industry. Other content is neglected, reducing the amounts of irrelevant content, homonyms and double content. More important concerning the quality of the results is the use of industry-specific dictionaries. Understanding and correctly interpreting users’ opinions on certain topics demands knowledge of their vocabulary.

Cell phone contracts are judged differently than fashion accessories or coffee machines. Unspecific dictionaries are hardly able to determine and understand judgements and content.


// sentiment lab domains.

Self-limitation to certain domains is necessary to provide good results. sentiment lab focusses:

  • automotive
  • fashion / clothing
  • service quality

While domains like „automotive“ and „fashion“ is tailored to manufacturers of this industry, “service quality” spans across numerous industries. It is designed for different companies and organisations that are interested in measuring the quality of their services. Various customer interfaces are being analyzed, ranging from users’ opinions of internet appearance to stores, sales consultants and hotlines.

We are continuously enlarging our domains. Feel free to as for more information.