content analysis

Do you want certainty about what is written in the internet about your company or your products?
Are you interested in in-depth analysis on at the level of individual products- or service features?
Are you looking for a solution, which ideally suits your individual questions?
If so, a research approach like sentiment lab is the right answer.

Social media report appeared in the business magazine of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce

In May edition of the business magazine “report” of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Rheinhessen appeared an article to the social media report of m-result on the subject “Why is Germany staying behind in the car world when it comes to e-mobility? Not able to

E-mobility develops so slowly

Why is Germany staying behind in the car world when it comes to e-mobility? Not able to or not willing to keep up? This question is lighted up closer in the social media report. As data input for this study, we analysed 3.600 users` comments from

Research project with University Darmstadt

m-result works with the University Darmstadt and two other companies from the areas of financial services and clothing on a research project in the social media research. It is an aim with the sentiment lab tool to find opinions and comments of internet users to the
social research

social research

sentiment lab differentiates between online content and offline content. A typical case for online content is the analysis of user posts in social media, forums (general forums, expert- and brand forums) or blogs…
content analysis

content analysis

m-result’s sentiment lab is a content analysis tool, which differs clearly from existing social monitoring tools. sentiment lab’s aim is to provide an exact image of user’s opinions on a variety of objects and topics in social media…
car online index

car online index

car online index (coi) is the first strategic analysis tool based on online opinions in user generated content (social media) for the top 15 automotive brands in Germany. By using specific dictionaries and databases, opinions…

sentiment lab understands content and sets standards concering data accuracy and certainty with its innovative hybrid approach.

Distinct insights
  • precise evaluation of user opinions
  • variable depths of observation
  • benchmarking
  • hand-picked quotes and suggestions
Uncompromising focus on customers
  • personal consulting / permanent contact persons
  • individualization on each project
  • regular and ad hoc evaluations
  • excellent price/performance ratio
advantage in research
  • empirical phrase detection
  • sentiments generated by real statements

sentiment lab = smart data

Discover our scientific approach .



People exchange opinions wherever they write about brands, products and services. Such opinions – no matter if in social media or classic surveys – contain valuable information for companies…



sentiment lab analyzes content of all kind and identifies topics. The first step is to identify relevant topics and to isolate irrelevant ones…


sentiment values

With the help of several text mining methods, sentiment lab recognizes references in a text. References can exist e.g. for company-, product- or brand-names…



Traditional market research provides answers to previously defined questions and checks a priori defined subjects. sentiment lab on the other hand uses an explorative approach and observes structures…